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Fair Grove Historical and Preservation Society



Wommack Mill 1979 before the restorationWommack Mill after it was restored


Why the Historical Society is here

The Fair Grove Historical and Preservation Society was created in the 1970s with the goal of preserving and restoring a grist mill located at the center of Fair Grove, Missouri. It is one of the premier attractions of its type in the region, and is a living museum depicting life at the turn of the 19th century, into the early part of the 20th century.

This mill was originally known as the Boegel & Hines mill, but after changing hands several times became known locally as Wommack Mill. As you can see from the pictures above, thanks to the can-do spirit of the entire community the mill was restored and saved.

The mill itself is located next to a small stream which usually doesn't run. Instead of attempting to build a mill pond with a very small drainage area, the decision was made to make the mill steam powered.

It that era, a mill quickly became the central business for a community and that's what happened in Fair Grove. It attracted people from the surrounding area who needed to grind grain, and trade for goods used in their daily lives.


The Heritage Reunion

The Historical Society wanted to restore the mill building for posterity. To raise money, we decided to host an annual fair which became known as the Fair Grove Heritage Reunion.

The Heritage Reunion has been held every year for over forty years on the last full weekend in September, and on those two days tens of thousands of people attend every year. There are hundreds of craft booths that are limited to handmade or original crafts or antiques.

There are also musical groups, demonstrations, a parade and many other events, and it's all free. You'll pay for parking, and there's plenty of food to buy, but you can really attend for very little money if you want.

The Historical Society also has other events. There is a Christmas Tree lighting on the first Saturday evening in December, and an old-fashioned Ice Cream Social on the third Saturday in July.

Wommack Mill is an attraction that is frequently used by photographers looking for a primitive or pastoral background. Many weddings and reunions are held annually, and you can rent and reserve the grounds for your events by filling out an application here.

You're always welcome to attend any of these events and meet the friendly people of today's Fair Grove as we celebrate our history.


Who We Are Today

Board Members are all volunteers who work to preserve the Mill and our heritage.

Board Members: Heath Anderjaska (vice-president), Rick Stein, Mary Terry (president), Ed Carter, Leon Burrell


Officers Rev

 Officers: Chari Burrell (secretary), Debbie Clopton (treasurer)